About Sallybong

Sallybong (A beerbong that gets the party started) ( Located in Northern California ) was established in 2011 by two brothers Johnny Sodaro and Tommy Sodaro. It all started with shotgunning beers at the lake and as you can see has been taken to the next level. The first Sallybong was made from an old mannequin and brought to a houseboating trip. It quickly went from boat to boat and everybody wanted to do a Sallybong. Shortly after the trip it was decided that this idea had to be brought out to others so that they could be having as much fun as we were. In just a year’s time we have had our sales now reaching out to Texas, Australia, Canada, and Hawaii I would say we have done just that. In the past, you had to go to your local hardware store and buy an oil funnel and a few feet of tubing or a garden hose but no longer. You will always be satisfied with your purchase. Our innovative and sleek design put Sallybong a step above the rest!

You are guaranteed to be the “Life of the Party!” Enjoy using a Sally Beer Bong at the following places: Parties, BBQ’s, Spring Break, Bars, River Trips, Frat Houses, The Beach, Tailgate Parties…everywhere you bring a Sallybong, it will be a hit!

Sallybong makes a great gift…Livens – up any party!...

U.S. Patent Serial No. 61/702,059

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